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Maternal and Child Health Measurement Research Network

  • Program Name:MCH Research Network Programs
  • Activity Code:UA6
  • Application Available:4/30/2013
  • Application Deadline:7/1/2013
  • Created By:Park, Hae Young
  • Created On:10/12/2012
  • Last Updated by:Wildberger, William
  • Last Updated On:5/1/2013
  • Estimated Project Start Date:9/1/2013

 Details of the changes posted in this announcement

Modification published on 05/01/2013
5/1 - Changed Eligiblity

Modification published on 04/30/2013
Posting to G.G


 Announcement Information

Announcement Number HRSA-13-259
Announcement Code
CFDA Number 93.110
Provisional No
Activity Code UA6
Competitive Yes
Fiscal Year 2013


The purpose of the Maternal and Child Health Measurement Research Network (MCH-MRN) is to support a forum that will create a national agenda for health measurement research by producing an evolving compendium of available high quality measures of maternal and child health, and by identifying gaps in existing measures for future development purposes.  The MCH-MRN will thus provide national leadership in enhancing and developing a set of culturally competent health measures for: MCH programmatic planning; screening; service provision; interventions that promote physical and psychosocial health and well-being; and clinical decision-making for primary and secondary prevention of disease, injury, and behavioral issues among at-risk mothers, children (including children with special healthcare needs), adolescents, and families.  The MCH-MRN will address health measurement research for at-risk mothers, children (including children with special health care needs), adolescents, and families, with a focus on programmatic applications.  The MCH-MRN will have a strategic focus on health measurements among at-risk MCH populations, which will complement existing investments by other HHS agencies, such as NIH and AHRQ.  The goals of the research network are as follows: 1)      To establish a Research Network comprised of interdisciplinary experts who represent the MCH lifespan and who are active in the measurement of health and well-being of at-risk MCH populations;    2)      To formulate a national research agenda with regard to existing and needed health measurements for MCH populations with high relevance to MCHB programs; 3)      To collaborate in the development, validation and implementation of new MCH health measures that address identified gaps, using external public and private funding sources; 4)      To translate and apply Network findings into a variety of practices, policies, and processes, such as Title V programs; home visiting programs; Healthy Start Programs; services for children with special health care needs; services that promote child, adolescent, and family health; state and local health departments; community safety net programs; and other public health programs serving MCH populations, particularly those that represent underserved communities, such as low socioeconomic status, racial and ethnic minorities, and rural communities.     Some possible tasks to be achieved during this project period include: 1)      Identifying national priorities for health measurement research in MCH populations; 2)      Collaborating synergistically with other Federal investments in measurement research to ensure the inclusion of MCH populations and underserved communities; 3)      Compiling and evaluating the quality of existing health measures for MCH populations in general and with a special emphasis on at-risk MCH populations, to be disseminated to the public via website, which will serve as a portal of a comprehensive, dynamic electronic compendium of measures.  Attention should be paid to the measurement’s purpose,  psychometric quality, targeted population, setting or conditions (e.g, clinical versus public health, stages of lifespan, health conditions, special populations, Title V performance measures); 4)      Fostering and implementing the translation of knowledge into practice in order to provide MCH populations, researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders with useful clinical and public health information; 5)      Contributing to the scientific literature and disseminating Network findings through development of a website, peer-reviewed publications (2-3 publications per year), webinars, meetings, and other related activities that will facilitate the transfer of Network findings broadly; 6)      Providing an electronic copy of any products supported by award funds -- including guidelines, publications, books, pamphlets, slide sets, CD-ROMS, curricula, assessment tools, videos, etc., to be made available to the general public and to  the MCH Research Program; 7)      Building the capacity to advance and implement critical research that will address the gaps and promote the research agenda identified by the Network, through both MCHB and other funding sources;  8)      Accelerating the impact of measurement research into programs, policies, and processes for the reduction of health disparities among at-risk MCH populations. Consistent with HRSA’s mission as the access agency to provide services to underserved populations, applicants for the MCH-MRN should describe network activities that will address the needs of underserved populations, such as low-income, racial/ethnic minorities, immigrants, individuals who have limited access to services, and/or other underserved populations as defined by the applicant.  The Maternal and Child Health Bureau’s intent is to ensure that research activities are responsive to the cultural and linguistic needs of special populations, that services are family-centered and accessible to consumers, and that the broadest possible representation of culturally distinct and historically underrepresented groups is supported through programs and projects sponsored by the MCHB.

 Legislative Information

Social Security Act, Title V, § 501(a)(2), as amended (42 U.S.C. 701(a)(2))

 Application Information

Application Available 04/30/2013
Application Deadline 07/01/2013
Supplemental Application Deadline N/A
Explanation for Deadline N/A
Archive Date 08/30/2013
Letter of Intent Not required
Application Package SF424
FOA Available Yes
Competitive Application Types Supported New
Allow Electronic Submission N/A
Page Limit for Application
Allow Multiple Applications
from an Organization from
Electronic Submission Instruction Electronic submission is/will be available in Grants.Gov

 General Information

Projected Award Date 07/01/2013
Estimated Project Period 07/01/2013 - 06/30/2016
Estimated Project Start Date 09/01/2013
Estimated Project End Date 08/31/2016
Estimated Amount of this Competition $300,000.00
Estimated Number of Awards 1
Estimated Average Size of Awards $0.00
Cost Sharing No
Cooperative Agreement Yes

 Contact Information

Name Stella Yu
Phone Number 3014432207

 Download Information

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